“The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field; the
wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.”
Psalm 103: 15 -16





As the Good Book says “For everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven; a time to be born and a time to die; a time to sow and a time to reap; …a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance…”. For 24 years, we laughed together, danced together, walked together, and mourned together. And now you have moved on. It was a time well spent. The memories will linger. May your path to the Great Beyond be as smooth as silk.
Oma nanu.

Professor S. Mbua Ngale Efange, Spouse


you have left me dumbstruck, and I still wonder if this is a dream. It is extremely hard to accept I will neither hear your gentle voice, behold your broad and beautiful smile nor feel the warmth of your embrace. What a masterpiece you were my dearest Ladouce! I am shattered by the fact that our journey through life was such a brief one! The bond we shared was unique and I am glad we created beautiful memories! Not only were you my mother, you doubled as my big sister and best friend. You knew me inside out in such a manner that without saying a word, you could figure out what was on my mind. My biggest cheerleader, my prayer partner, my mummy doctor!! Ahhh mum my heart is wounded terribly. Indeed, we were blessed with an angel and the time came when our God wanted you back. Although I grieve, I am thankful to God He put an end to all the pain and tears because I couldn’t bear seeing you go through all the suffering. Thank you for living an exemplary life, for the choices you made because it is obvious you had us in mind all the way and the trails you have left. I can assure you I will not forget our plans and we will do our very best to take care of daddy; your darling as you always called him, and Pepe our grandpa. Ahhh Ladouce how do I bid you farewell?? Rest in your maker’s loving arms my darling mother and see you on the other side of the river someday.

Daughter, Dr. Noella Efange


You were an inspiring soul, always there for all who came to you with their troubles, with kind words and wise advice. You strived always to bring peace and joy to every heart which surrounded you. Your smile was made of sunshine and your heart molded of pure gold. You held my hand, felt my pain, cried with me, prayed with me. You never fell short in your role as my mother. Your belief and support gave me strength. I have mum moments everyday; a vision of you that sometimes brings a smile and other times sadness. Heaven must be beautiful right now,since they got you. If roses grow there, I will ask for God to fix a bouquet and send it to you. My mind still talks to you. My heart still looks for you,though my soul knows you’re at peace. No one spread more love in a lifetime. Dear MOM; I MISS YOU. Till we meet again, rest well Momsi, RIP sweet LADOUCE .

Daughter, Namondo Efange


I am still in disbelief you have slipped into a different timescale, and I can’t see you even though I feel you around me all the time. It is truly a daunting task to say a few words in memory of you because you lived such a complete life and played multiple roles in my life. All I can say is thank you Lord for the blessing of being born into a wonderful family and by this angel. Who do I compose and sing all my Duala and Mokpe hit songs to? Who will construct my “Nincompoop” mobile with me?
Mum my life has changed for ever and I can’t stop the tears from rolling down my eyes. This wasn’t in our plan, but God certainly had a better plan! E dolon ! E dolon mudī mongo Iyô ya bwam o Janea la Loba.

Son, Njuma Efange


Words cannot express the amount of pain I am feeling. So many days have passed without receiving a text or call from you mom, no prayer video nor entertainment video to kick start the day. It is still surreal to me that the toughest woman I know has left us. So many things I want to say but cannot put the words together. Mom you have left me speechless!! Who is supposed to hype me up when I get a new hairdo? Who is supposed to beg me to stop lifting weights? Who is supposed to give me the latest “gist”? Who is supposed to remind me to pray every time? Who is
supposed to light up my day each time I am in a bad mood? You will be greatly missed mi vida!! You may have left us physically but I know you are always with us spiritually. The construction of your mansion was finished and God finally handed over the keys. Go well my mother.

Son, Nammeh Efange


I am confused and in so much pain to know that I will never see you again. I wanted you to watch me grow into the responsible man you always advised. You never failed to remind me to pray and stay close to God. I remember in one of our last phone calls, you asked me to read my bible often and never stop praying. I did listen and always prayed for you and asked God to relieve you of the pain. I know he heard me, but he just answered differently. I trust that He will grant you rest and happiness in his kingdom and in your usual style, you’ll continue to intercede on our behalf and watch over us. Thank you for taking good care of us and for loving us unconditionally. I love you and will sorely miss you.

Son, Luma Efange


If only I could turn the hands of time to get that beautiful smile of yours always. I never knew the last time you visited me with “kwacocco and banga soup” my favorite and spent the entire day with me just like our mother used to do was the last memory I had to keep. You have really created a vacuum in my heart; I wake up every morning wishing your death is a dream. It pains to say goodbye younger sister, rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Brother, Pa Bille Augustine


If only I could turn the hands of time to get that beautiful smile of yours always. I never knew the last time you visited me with “kwacocco and banga soup” my favorite and spent the entire day with me just like our mother used to do was the last memory I had to keep. You have really created a vacuum in my heart; I wake up every morning wishing your death is a dream. It pains to say goodbye younger sister, rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Brother, Pa Bille Augustine


My back-to-back, why you do me so nor? You have left me in the middle of nowhere. This load na me and who go carry am? I go fight this battle na with who now? We had plans and now you have left me behind. My one-on-one partner. I may have everything you had, but I will never have the beautiful heart you had. I remember you saying to me “Zo I know say you be fighter and we go make am together”. My baby girl for life!! Thank you for being my big twin sister, thank you for giving me adorable children. I know I won’t replace you in their lives but I promise to be the best mother to them. Rest well my big sister.

Sister, Mme Queen Elizabeth Kange


I am utterly heartbroken that you are gone forever. One of the truest and dearest persons to me. Always there for whoever came to you with their troubles. Your home was open to everyone! You were so humble and the most family oriented woman one could ever meet. A simple-minded human being you were. I will miss our profound discussions and of course I will miss giving you the latest “gists”. It is an honour to have known you. Time can never blur the memories I have of you. Rest in the best corners of heaven my angel.

Daughter, Juliet Ngum


I couldn’t call you nothing but mom; that is who you were to me. I climbed the mountains for your sake, went to the depths to ask God if part of my life could be given to you but God had a better plan. This pain I feel inside of me I can’t explain but there’s one thing that gives me joy, that you confessed Christ, so I am assured that you are with Him. I love you sister, but I am sure your maker loves you more. Adios my mom!!

Sister, Pastor Martha Grace


A light from my life has gone
A voice I loved is still
A place is vacant within my heart which never can be filled
A bouquet of beautiful memories sprayed with a million of tears
I wish God spared you even just for a few more years
I hold you close within my heart and there you will remain
To walk with me throughout my life until we meet again
So rest in peace my dear “Chantal Ladouce” and thank you for all you did for us
I know that God has given you the crown you truly won.
Love you sister

Sister, Mrs. Limunga Kedze


Really, we are confused why God did not listen to our prayers, but our Mummy told us God wanted you to be by Him that’s why he called you. We don’t know where to go for holidays again, we will miss your spaghetti, biscuits and juice. Mum we really loved and will miss you so much. Bye bye our Mummy Etia

Nephews and niece: Fidel, Darren & Malia Kedze


you have been so good to my family and I. You were indeed a mother to many. Your painful death has made me to develop a habit of clapping unnoticed. Really shocking. You were so courageous and told me you cannot die. Hmm, Sister you scammed us. But as I believe, God knows best. Rest well Mum till we meet again.

Brother-in-law, Mr. Patrick Kedze


but at the same time I don’t know where to start. I thank God for allowing me to know and learn a lot from you. I will forever remember and cherish the wonderful and great moments we shared. You were such a great mother who showed me motherly love and care, you were kind, strong, genuine, disciplined, compassionate and understanding. You took me like your own daughter, gave me everything. Words will fail me to express how much I miss you. The void you have left no one can fill. You were a virtuous woman who stood like a great pillar to us and many other people, always there for all who came to you, your home was open to all, and your hospitality made them feel important. It’s really painful to say goodbye; may your soul rest in perfect peace.

Daughter, Elizabeth Mukete


C’est ainsi que je t’appelais, je n’ai ni les mots pour décrire le vide que tu crées dans nos vies. Depuis que tu es partie, il y’a des silences insupportables, des nuits abominables. Saches que je peux essuyer les larmes de mes yeux mais je ne peux essuyer la douleur de mon cœur. Doux repos à toi ma chère sœur Ladouce.

Sœur, Mme Lydienne Sikoty


Faire des discours n’est pas l’exercice que j’affectionne le plus, mais je me devais de me surpasser pour écrire ces quelques mots pour toi. Certes nul n’est parfait sur cette terre, mais je reconnais que tu étais une merveilleuse personne, en dépit des nos divergences. Saches que je t’aimais et t’aimerai toujours. Que le seigneur veille sur ton âme pou l’éternité. Repose en paix ma chérie ma chère sœur, Adieu!

Ta sœur, Mme Bijoux Sikoty


Sister, tu étais une personne géniale ici sur terre, il est difficile de m’imaginer que plus jamais je te verrai. Il m’arrive de te voir lorsque je ferme les yeux mais malheureusement la réalité me retire de cette illusion des l’instant ou je les ouvres. Ton départ restera a jamais dans ma conscience sister, car partout ou une belle âme est allée, il y’a une trace, de beaux souvenirs. Repose en paix.

Ta sœur, Mlle Merveille Sikoty


My mother’s friend and my father’s real life confidant. You always brought a smile to my Papa’s face and your bond brought me joy. At your most difficult time, you trusted me enough to lean on my support. For me, that was the blessing, because I had a chance to love you, pray with you and remind you that you matter. It is so heavy for me to say goodbye sister Etia. I will really miss you. Rest well, rest in peace and rest pain-free. May God’s loving arms be wrapped around you till we meet again. I love you mama. As you always said, this is your.

“Aunty Yaya” Ekeke (Texas, USA).


Words can’t explain the way your sudden departure has affected me. I remember how you told me off many times as your younger brother, but we shared very happy and exciting moments as a family and those moments, I will cherish forever. You were a fortress and strength to everyone when the road was narrow. You didn’t teach me how to stay without you!! The 4th of May, 2023 marked the end of your physical activities on earth, but yet the beginning of such heavenly activities of everlasting enjoyment for you in heaven. God has taken you to greener pastures and your soul near Him whom you loved and served. Your dedication to peace and harmony will surely remain in the sands of time.

Cousin, Mr. Esuka Wose (Boshe)


You were one of our backbones in the family. Your kind heartedness and generosity speak volumes about you. We all prayed for God’s miracle to heal you but we now know that God loves you more. I wish you a peaceful rest in the bosom of the Almighty. Goodbye till we meet again, to part no more.

Aunt, Mme Martha Udobang (Aunty Small Mama)


It’s hard to find the words worthy enough to describe the void you’ve created with your passing! You had such presence and influence everywhere you were, that makes it hard to fathom how the world has to move on without the likes of you! You exuded such strength and resilience in everything you did that I always wished I could emulate. Even in your last days, you still managed to put up your signature broad smile and cheerfulness in our conversations. If inspiration and role model was a person, that’ll be you! Your absence will be felt, your memory remains engraved, and your legacy will live on. Rest on sis, Goodnight!

Cousin, Dr. Christy M. Tamufor


You were strong, beautiful, hardworking, intelligent, kind and very good natured. A dutiful and loving wife to my brother, Professor Simon Mbua Ngale Efange. Your quick exit from this world is untimely and devastating. As a family we would miss your resilience, your steady hand in resolving issues and your constant smile. Even when you told us you were unwell last year at a family gathering, it was with a smile on your face. To the point where some of us actually missed the gravity of what you said. However, we thank God for your inner faith and strength that enabled you to combat the illness. Though painful we also thank God for making the struggle brief. Your flame and warmth will long outlive you. We thank you for giving us children and your dexterity in supporting our brother to raise them firmly with a good Christian, cultural and educational background. You were a woman of valour. Farewell to your creator and May the Almighty God whom you served so diligently receive you with His abiding mercy and give you peace.

Your sister-in-law, Elsie Ngowo Effange-Mbella.


Your sudden and premature exit has permitted me to understand why it is said “Life is sometimes unfair”. I will never forget how in the family you were so particularly attached to me and considered me your mentor as we shared many secrets together. It is really hard to believe that I have to write a tribute for you. Only the contrary would have been acceptable. The entire family is highly devastated by your too early departure because we all held you in high esteem being that you were a darling who impacted everyone in one way or another. Only one thing can comfort me, if I can be sure that you arrived at that place where we all desire to be; in the presence of God to behold His beauty and to inquire in His temple. Go in peace if that is what your blueprint determined it to be so. Good night and see you tomorrow.

Your dear uncle Njuma Ekeke


“For what is life?” “It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.”…James 4:14b. So hard and painful to imagine that you are no longer with us. We saw you fading away and burning up like a candle in the wind. We kept late nights in prayers, in tears for you, wishing we could share the pain and suffering you were going through. The verdict of the Lord was final: Etia come unto Me and rest eternally. So, we are consoled that you died in the Lord. Those who die in the Lord rest from their labours and their good works will be remembered. Your life was brief, but very productive. You were a loving wife, caring and loving mother, and a faithful steward in His vineyard. You also touched many lives with good deeds; many associations will surely miss you. We are all going to miss you. We are all going leave this world someday because this world is not our home. Death is not the end of one’s existence; rather it is the beginning of a new life, in heaven or hell. May the God of all Comfort, comfort your dear husband, children and families left to mourn you. Sleep on…. Rest peacefully, Etia.

Aunty Elange Motanga


This is so damn hard for me. Oh! If tears could bring you back, I would cry oceans for you; from day one of your journey of sickness. I just know, and I’m comforted by this knowledge that if I feel a droplet of rain or the gentle breeze on my body, I know you are the one and you still around me. If I look up to the sky and see the stars, I’m sure you are one of them and I’ll search for the brightest. The sun will no more be too hot for me-it will have your heat. The moon will be brighter-it took some of your shine. The earth/soil will be richer, smell nicer because it carries you. And I pray that your husband and children and all who miss you will see, touch and feel you in all of these things. You are not gone, you’ve just slipped through to another timescale. At the risk of monopolizing this tribute sector, I just say-sister/friend, I love you my dear, but God loves you more. Goodnight.

Friend, Caroline Haddison


Then he looked down upon the earth and saw a beautiful soul. He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest. Ahh God’s Garden must be beautiful!! He only takes the best. Rest on Madam Prof, words have failed me. Till we part no more.

Mrs. Martha Efeti Mbella nee Nalionge (Ottawa, Canada)


  1. Sleep on, beloved, sleep and take thy rest. Lay down thy head upon thy Savior’s breast. We love thee well, but Jesus loves thee best. Goodnight! Goodnight! Goodnight!
  2. Calm is thy slumber as an infant’s sleep. But thou shalt wake no more to toil and weep. Thine is a perfect rest, secure and sleep.Goodnight! Goodnight! Goodnight.
  3. Until the shadows from this earth are cast. Until he gathers in his sheaves at last, Until the twilight gloom is over pass. Goodnight! Goodnight! Goodnight.

Mme Magdalene Kange


I came close to you when I saw how much you worked to ensure my small sister Njomo had a befitting burial. As a human, I am forced to think the time was not right for you to leave us but your last days were pain filled. We have no choice but to leave you to take the step beyond. Bébé Ladouce one thing is for sure, I shall treasure your memory. Rest in the Lord.

Auntie Bex (Mme Becky Effoe)


What an ordeal to pen a tribute for Marie! Marie and I lived unknown to each other in two different worlds until our marriages caused our paths to cross. I then found out that she was my sister’s sister. I thank God and bless the day we found each other. I discovered such a fine, sweet, hardworking, generous, humble, accommodating, organized, uniting, vibrant, well groomed, courageous, and confident sister in Marie. We had great moments together and ensured that our children spent some holidays and weekends together so that they could bond. My husband and I were humbled yet honored when Professor and Marie received their bundle of joy, LumaKwango.

I still revisit the surprise 70th birthday party that she threw for her husband. There was everything to write home about. Although she was in Douala at the time, she was able to connect all the dots and tie all the loose ends together to offer her huddy a perfect celebration. All the children who are out of the country reached out to their dad and made their birthday wishes. Their wishes were eloquent testimonies of the unity and love that reigns in the family. They were touching dand reassuring. What a legacy Marie left for the family! Throughout the event Marie beamed with joy, love and satisfaction. She did it! Marie’s actions, her presence, her love, her dedication and selflessness cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

She is forever in our hearts. Sweet mother Marie! The children left behind knew you as the dearest, sweetest and best mother ever! I recall the lament of a devoted, loving, caring and committed mother and wife as she whispered to me in agony in one of our conversations on the phone: “Sister, all these young children!” There’s a popular adage in Mokpe that something that is good lasts just for a brief moment. Marie’s life was brief and she accomplished her mission on earth. God called her to rest in His bosom. I trust He has taken over her cares and burdens (Matthew 11:28-30).

Ida Luma Haddison


“Mum”, that was how I called you because in you, I found a mother who loved and cared for me unconditionally. Words alone cannot express how I feel that you are no more. Death why now?? You have just taken a part of me. I remember when I was pregnant, you told me that was going to be your namesake. I told you since I was going to give birth to a boy; I promised to name the baby after your husband and you were so happy. After I had my baby, we lived together like I didn’t give birth because you did everything! Even in your last days on earth, you still showed us
so much love. If this is God’s will, then I have no choice but to accept it. I don’t know how I will live without you. Life will be tough without you! But one thing that gives me joy is that you thought me well. Thank you very much for the love and care you showed me and my kids. I will forever remain your first girl that you raised, and I will raise your grandson as you taught me. My love for you will never change. Rest in the Lord’s bosom my mother and sister.

Sister, Agatha Efeti Kange


My heart bleeds so much. You were a mother to all of us. The name I grew up to know was “titi”; that which you called me from birth. My mum told me you bought everything in preparation for my birth and it was you who took me to church and taught me the ways of God. How do I feel in church now that you are not there? Who will remind me to pay attention to what the pastor is preaching? Mum, I pray you find rest with the Lord. I will do my best to always go to church and be the
girl you wanted me to be. Farewell Mum.

Niece, Patience Eposi Ngala


My heart is heavy! Death why did you choose mum to take with you? It still looks like a dream to me that you are no more. You showed such great love that I do not know how to live without you. You always told me “Queenie, study hard and make your mother proud”. I remember when my mother gave birth to your grandson; you were so happy and told us you will always be there for us.

Now you are no more I don’t know how to hold on. We will miss you mum, my heart is broken. You were my mother’s mother, now death has taken you away from her. If tears could bring you back, I will cry a river. I will always love you, rest well mum till we meet again.

Niece, Queen Elizabeth


My dear Ladouce, it is with a heavy heart that I write these words to say goodbye. You were such a lovely and kind person to many. I remember our childhood days with Mama in Wondongo, how she used to cuddle you and Eposi in her arms. You grew up and became a fulfilled young lady, admired by everyone. My heart bleeds for your early departure. However, God Almighty knows why he decided to call you now. You will be sorely missed. Greetings to Mama and the rest of the family members who have gone to the land beyond. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Adieu!

Ikundi Lillian Efenge epse Nabola


Without you, what’s the point in pretending that everything is like it used to be for me. This is false. I have a choking pain that I am losing my breath, knowing you were up there. Let the world go on, or in other words not. I don’t care. I’ll be understood, I lost you. As for someone who’s gone without you it’s fake. The world, him/her goes on…just someone else gone

Aunty Martha Efange, Sister-in-law